hey, i'm Portia

i’ve lived what seems to be a million different lives in cities, islands, and jungles across continents. each move, inspired by its own calling, but ultimately to discover how far and long i can relish the gift of freedom whilst simultaneously exploring the notion of home. though my entrepreneurial desires were natural, this explorer lifestyle motivated my direction.

after over a decade of living in new york city, i donated almost everything before leaving. a decision filled with trust that my skills can rebuild. and through my non-linear career, i have built a few companies from scratch, having worked in early-stage start-ups prior to that.  

i’ve also experienced two very real burnouts and was always guided back to sound meditation as a tool to assist with recovery. i'm currently training as a sound healing practitioner. 

i advise, share and teach others with the goal of not only having them happily embrace their journey (however it may look) but also that they will develop and grow the necessary expertise to support and sustain their version of a successful life. 

  • E-commerce advisory & workshops

  • Gong & sound bath gatherings

  • E-commerce web design

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Portia Makoma

E-commerce Advisor

I’m excited about building products and creating spaces that inspire critical dialogue and innovation. Over the past eight years, I’ve helped early-stage founders digitally launch their impact brands, establish their online presence, as well as build and grow their teams.

I work with e-commerce companies at different stages of their growth lifecycle. My expertise and knowledge also come with personal experience and, I’m particularly excited about helping novice stores launch and identify growth opportunities. I also focus on assisting established companies to identify key cost centers to reduce operational spending and scale.

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Silence is Accurate [SIA] was the name of my visual arts consultancy and art gallery (2013-2018). Part of SIA's offering was focused on transforming spaces into tranquil, whole bodily experiences.

Silence.Is Accurate is now a worldwide gathering (in-person and virtually) where we reconnect with ourselves through immersive gong and sound bath meditation.

SIA highlights BIPOC sound healing practitioners from around the world who also lead its sessions. Everyone is welcome!

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