Shopify/ Squarespace designer

From idea generation to the final touches, I can help your website at any stage of its development.

Get started and go live within days. I create user-friendly websites that help you to prove your business concepts and find your winning products or services without ever compromising your brand’s quality or identity.

Let's Build Your Website
  • - We will gather requirements and start the design phase

    - Once design mock-ups are approved, we'll start the theme integration.

    - All pages will be fully responsive and will work across all devices

    - Site goes live

    - Complimentary training and walk-through.

  • - 15-25 days turnaround time for Shopify & Squarespace theme development after design mock-ups are approved

    - 15-25 days turnaround time is not the deadline/timeline of a project

  • - Basic website building and design starts at R14,000 ZAR/$900 USD

    - All set-up costs (eg. domain, template, paid apps, etc) are covered by the client.

    - Payment structure: 50% deposit at the start of the project, 50% at the end.

    - Invoices can be paid with a credit card using a secure link I will send you, or via EFT.

  • Added value services for existing websites

    Want to update your existing website with new features and functionalities for optimal performance?

    Services from R1500 ZAR | $100 USD

    - Mobile responsive
    - Navigation integration
    - Shopability
    - Internal linking
    - Apps integration & configuration
    - Website Maintenance
    - Copywriting and editing
    - Optimizing images
    - Reducing plugins
    - Cleaning up framework & themes
    - Optimize the homepage
    - Removing unnecessary content
    - Social media management
    - Email marketing
    - E-commerce store management

My Recent Notable projects

Let's build your website