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Winter Sound Bath: 10 July 2022

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Winter Sound Bath
Sunday, 10 July 
10:00 am for 10:30 am start
Cape Town, CBD


Come immerse yourself in sound frequency at Silence.IsAccurate’s winter sound bath!

**spots are limited**

Sound baths are meditations based on science but sprinkled with magic...
A study published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine found that hour-long sound meditations help to reduce tension, anger, and anxiety, and increase spiritual well-being.
Sound baths promote the balancing effect and harmonization of your entire being, resulting in the removal of blockages, releasing of oxytocin and serotonin, and a reawaken of your creative side.

What is your refund policy

Tickets are not refundable for non-canceled gatherings.

What should I bring

1. Something to lay on (yoga mat/ small blanket/towel).

2. Warm socks.
3. A water bottle.
4. An open mind.

* You're welcome to bring pillows, eye masks, fuzzy socks, a light blanket, and anything else that will help you feel a sense of ease.
* You do not need any unique clothing or equipment.

Is this a workout

Nope! There are no physical fitness or flexibility requirements. Everyone can equally enjoy gong and sound baths.

Where are you based

We pop up in spaces across the world. Mid-2022 until Mid-2023 we'll be in SE Asia and South Africa.

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